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We understand what you want from a property manager. You want to be able to get a hold of someone when you need to; An agent will be personally assigned to you for the management of your property so you always have a specific point of contact. Even better is the help and backup offered to you by the office staff who can actually help you because they have a knowledge and understanding of your property along with your agent. Our broker is also ready and willing to help with any issue that may come up. You want the income your property generates; We have a full-time bookkeeper who will handle all of your accounting needs and get you your money on time. You don’t want to deal with the headache of maintenance, repairs, emergencies, etc.; Our in-office maintenance coordinator takes a careful and effective approach to handling all maintenance and repairs in a timely manner and the most cost efficient ways possible.

Specializing in the management of single family and low-density housing; CDA Properties knows how to properly take care of all aspects of your property without being onsite. We manage homes, townhomes, and condos of all sizes, styles and price ranges. Managing single properties is much different than a large complex. We understand how difficult it is for you as a landlord to keep up with all aspects of managing a rental property while still taking care of your many other daily responsibilities. The solution: HIRE US because we are professionals and our jobs and time revolve around the management of your property. We don’t have to “find the time” to take care of maintenance, responding to tenants needs, collecting rents, etc.

Please call Jerry Cloward our commercial agent at 801-510-4593.

CALL US TODAY: 801-268-4134
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